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Crystal Buying Guide

About Crystorama

Founded in 1958, Crystorama has dedicated itself for decades to innovative design and consistent quality. Under the family’s second generation of leadership, Crystorama is constantly studying, evaluating, and adjusting its line to current and upcoming trends in the lighting industry. This unique process has ensured their designs are of the moment but still grounded in the authenticity that has helped them achieve their success. Instilled in the company by its founder Abraham Kleinberg, Crystorama never cuts corners or takes shortcuts in the production process. They are dedicated to bringing pleasing products to fashion-conscious, design-savvy customers.

The Swarovski Branded Crystal

The “Crystals from Swarovski®” certifies the authenticity of products with genuine Swarovski crystals. Considered one of the finest crystals in the world, Swarovski branded crystals are manufactured in Austria with a highly coveted process that has been kept a secret for years. Swarovski has dedicated itself to creating crystals free of flaw since its inception in 1895. These crystals best represent “Perfect Geometry” through the expertly machine cut designs and edges cut into the surface of the crystal. Each one is treated with an invisible coating, eliminating dust attraction and keeping your crystals cleaner, longer. Each crystal of 12mm or larger is permanently etched with a trapezoidal marking to signify that you have purchased a Swarovski crystal. The company’s technologically advanced manufacturing process enhances optical brilliance while still adhering to an advanced, lead-free crystal standard.

The Strass Crystal

The Strass crystal is considered to be of the highest crystal trim throughout the world. As the premium crystal option, Strass crystals undergo stringent and precise machine cutting and polishing before they are again polished by a human hand. Each crystal is unique as the hand polishing leaves a stark purity and brilliance to each individual crystal. Containing a safe lead quantity of 30% or more, the Strass crystal has the highest clarity of any other crystal in its class.

The Spectra Crystal

Considered to be a staple in the lighting industry, the Spectra Crystal offers reliable quality unparalleled by any of its competitors. Only to be outdone by the Strass Crystal, the Spectra features optical purity, razor-sharp faceting, and precise cuts that give this crystal its refractive beauty. Containing safe lead quantities of 24% - 30%, the Spectra crystal is prismatically brilliant and polished to perfection.

Clear Hand Cut Crystal

Not to be outdone, each of these crystals are handcrafted in two stages. The first is on an iron and then a sandstone wheel to achieve sharp, clean edges. Each crystal is then polished on a wooden wheel, a method which dates back centuries. If you look closely, you can see faint traces of the wood wheel, attesting to the concentrated efforts of the artisan. Each crystal is a unique work of art.